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Venusians wanted this built!:

valiant thor fan club | Integraton,  Venzha Christ

So I set up a few dozen google alerts to see what's being searched for out there that relates to our fan club. This article appeared in "The Guardian": 

"Need some sonic healing? This white-domed structure was allegedly built under instruction from aliens from Venus and its acoustics have attracted musicians, including the Arctic Monkeys" This article's snippet definitely inspired me to read more and I instantly thought to myself, "you know? I think I could definitely use some sonic healing!" Or at least audio healing. Great. Now I have to explain why I say "audio."

When I used to be active as a musician, I remember when I recorded bass for a band called "Stoned Soul," we had a song produced by Jerry Wonda of Fugees fame, who was always talking about "the sonic", which was basically his trademark punchline. He would say something like "listen to this... this record is the sonic!"

I told him that I want to use his statement on the streets, although I didn't know exactly how and that I would tell him when I figured it out. I never did get to tell him...

I say "the audio"!!!

Instead of saying "music" I say "audio." If I make the mistake of saying I used to be a musician, someone might ask me "what type of music did your band play?" I would say, "oh, I never played music. Only audio." That would usually get a reaction that would distract them to the point that they'd forget what we originally talking about. This is a good way to change the subject, since I then would not have to describe what Ghetto Country Rock is.

None of this has anything to do with the Integratron, so I'm sorry I got off track. I wrote so much that I don't want to delete it, so it's going to have to stay. My high school rock band gets a shout. Usually I stick to the subject, but every once in a while, you have to have a little fun. Stoned Soul was a great band and I enjoyed being a part of the group for so many years. BTW, If you want to hear Jerry Wonda talking about "the sonic", check out this NPR interview.

I remember reading about George Van Tassel years ago when I foolishly believed that the only type of "real aliens" are the Greys. When I heard there were aliens from Venus I thought that there's no way it could be possible since Venus is too hot. Then when I saw Van Tassel in an interview, I realized that I believe every word he says. Which leads to this promise: next blog post will be dedicated to George Van Tassel.  

The Integratron is at 2477 Belfield Boulevard, Landers, California, a 2.5-hour drive east from Los Angeles. Sound baths are held on a bi-monthly basis for $20pp and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Private baths start at $80pp, with reductions for groups.