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Thanks Dave Scott and everyone at Spaced Out Radio for having me on the show. Their nightly podcasts are always informative and entertaining. Follow, favorite, and ReTweet them on twitter: @SpacedOutRadio and like them on Facebook.

Here it is in case you missed the Adam Milat-Meyer interview:

Adam Milat-Meyer on Spaced Out Radio discussing the Valiant Thor story
Click the above image to hear the full Spaced Out Radio interview with Adam Milat-Meyer

Special thanks to Roger Larivière for being on the show and stay tuned for his own interview on Spaced Out Radio. Larivière has done excellent work translating info about the Valiant Thor story from English to French. He also organizes annual conventions in Quebec.

National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects NICUFO A number of people who help the cause were mentioned. Dr Frank Stranges widow, Julie Ann Stranges, still runs the National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (NICUFO). I highly recommend you subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

I cannot overstate the importance of the video work of Nick Bensond. His YouTube channel has the most important videos on Dr Frank Stranges' lectures.

Craig Campobasso is mentioned throughout this site and on Spaced Out Radio as well. His short movie of Stranger at the Pentagon can be purchased here with a small donation.

Remembering Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Written five years ago by one of Dr Frank E Stranges' sisters in-law:

frank stranges

A Memorial Service was held in California for my brother-in-law Dr. Frank E. Stranges who went home to glory on Nov. 17, 2008.
Dr. Frank E. Stranges was born in Brooklyn, NY to Natale & Catherine Stran­ges who had emigrated from Italy to the United States. Natale was a WW1 Veteran awarded a Purple Heart for his injuries. Under the watchful eye of his father, Frank was called to the Ministry at the age of 13. He has been learning, teaching and preaching ever since.
In 1959, he and his father founded the International Evangelism Crusades, a World Wide Christian Denomination with Ministers, Churches and Schools in more than twenty countries. Dr. Frank has spoken in Churches and Temples of many denominations, and received much joy from the wide variety of people throughout the World whom he was able to reach with his Spiritual teachings. This number only increased with the founding of the International Theological Seminary of California and his many travels to foreign countries as well as throughout the United States. He was very patriotic and dedicated to serving those who serve us, including veterans as well as several policing agencies, through his work as a Spiritual Counselor.
Dr. Stranges was the author of numerous books such as "Millennium Seven," "Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Volume 1, 2 & 3." He held degrees in Theology, Psychology and Criminology. Dr. Stranges was the Assistant Deputy Director of the California State Marshall Association.
In 1985, he married Julie Corcoran and they remained together until the day of his unexpected passing.
He leaves behind his sister Esther and her husband Paul, his brother Daniel and wife Rita, my husband David and numerous nieces and nephews, stepson and a host of pastors and students of the International Theological Seminary in the tri-state area.
From my husband and I, he will be greatly missed. Frankie had a wealth of wisdom and common sense mixed with his good nature and love.
May the memories he left comfort all during the days ahead and may his ministry continue far into the future. Thanks be to God for giving him to us for a season. Our lives are blessed and richer because of knowing him. Your work will continue, in your memory. We will never forget you and the fondest love you gave to us.

By Edith M. Stranges

Original article appears at the loveexpressonline.com

Awake In The Dream Radio with Laura Eisenhower and Dr DreamCheck out this Laura Eisenhower interview of Craig Campobasso, experienced Hollywood filmmaker currently working on bringing Dr Frank Stranges' book, Stranger at the Pentagon to the big screen. Craig goes into much detail about the Val Thor phenomenon, dating back to March 16th 1957. I had great trouble making the link work so please copy and paste it into your browser:

Laura Eisenhower
Laura M Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower is the great granddaughter of President Dwight D Eisenhower. She is also related to President Richard M Nixon. Craig Campobasso is a longtime Hollywood casting director who is making his directorial debut with the mostly crowd-funded short film, Stranger at the Pentagon.

Awake in the Dream Radio interview with Craig Campobasso