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Thanks Dave Scott and everyone at Spaced Out Radio for having me on the show. Their nightly podcasts are always informative and entertaining. Follow, favorite, and ReTweet them on twitter: @SpacedOutRadio and like them on Facebook.

Here it is in case you missed the Adam Milat-Meyer interview:

Adam Milat-Meyer on Spaced Out Radio discussing the Valiant Thor story
Click the above image to hear the full Spaced Out Radio interview with Adam Milat-Meyer

Special thanks to Roger Larivière for being on the show and stay tuned for his own interview on Spaced Out Radio. Larivière has done excellent work translating info about the Valiant Thor story from English to French. He also organizes annual conventions in Quebec.

National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects NICUFO A number of people who help the cause were mentioned. Dr Frank Stranges widow, Julie Ann Stranges, still runs the National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (NICUFO). I highly recommend you subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

I cannot overstate the importance of the video work of Nick Bensond. His YouTube channel has the most important videos on Dr Frank Stranges' lectures.

Craig Campobasso is mentioned throughout this site and on Spaced Out Radio as well. His short movie of Stranger at the Pentagon can be purchased here with a small donation.

Recite these prayers daily:

The outside ring of the ring of fire.

Eternal Father, creator of the universe,
hear this day my petition.
Surround me now with your divine "Ring of Fire,"
the fire of your protection,
the fire of your abundance,
the fire of complete healing,
the fire of divine abundance.
I command the hand of almighty God on my behalf.
Let it be so, this very moment,
in the blessed name of
our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. Amen.
So be it!'


The inside ring of the ring of fire.

Eternal Father, creator of the universe,
hear this hour, my earnest prayer.
Anoint my lips, my ears, and my mind and heart,
with your divine flame of fire.
Provide me now with
perfect health, abundance and longevity
Revitalize and redirect my energies into divine service.
Touch me with your divine inner flame of fire and
cause me to be the master that you intended me to be.
In the blessed name of the master and creator of the universe,
the Lord Jesus Christ, so be it!

Note: The text was originally copied from the following site: http://gratisenergi.se/ringfire.htm however, I altered it to match Dr Frank E Stranges words in the video provided.

Special thanks to Nick Bensond for posting the Ring of Fire Ceremony with Dr Frank E Stranges video on YouTube.