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Valiant Thor will be the main subject of my interview on Space Out Radio on October 27th, 2015. A few days back I contacted Spaced Out Radio host, Dave Scott, to make sure the info on the flyer is correct and he approved!

Valiant Thor Fan Club flyer for Adam Milat-Meyer interview on Spaced Out Radio 10-27-15
Adam Milat-Meyer, founder of the Valiant Thor Fan Club will be on Spaced Out Radio Oct 27th 2015.

Keep in mind that Valiant Thor Fan Club on Spaced Out Radio airs from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Program runs two hours starting at 10PM Pacific Time, which means it will air in New York City at 1:00AM on 10/28/15.

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During the show there will be a phone number displayed here for you to call in. There also will be a live chatroom during the broadcast... We encourage you to participate!

Thank you so much and hope to here from you soon!
Adam Milat-Meyer
President, Valiant Thor Fan Club



mass contacts by stefano braccia
Mass Contacts by Stefano Braccia

Named "W56" because the contact case began in 1956 in Pescara, Italy, the "Amicizia" or "Friendship" mass contact case was widespread. Dozens, if not hundreds of people in Italy and elsewhere were contacted by human-looking extraterrestrials. It is important to recognize that the contactees were not mentally unstable by any stretch of the imagination. They were prominent members of Italian society: writers, politicians, businessmen, artists, professors, etc.

Love and respect is how humans should live. That was the essence of their message. During frequent long walks along the beach in Pescara, they gave the contactees incredible information. They didn't give it for free however, they asked for goods in return. Industrial quantities of items such as

  • metals
  • fruit
  • minerals
  • barium nitrate

The latter is most peculiar. During the 1950's, barium nitrate was not yet used by humans for anything so it was difficult to come by. Decades later, it would have widespread military demand, but at the time, it was puzzling why the aliens would need this.

The aliens would teleport the goods. They would disappear in an instant which was perplexing to the contactees. It would seem that if the aliens had the technology to teleport, why would they need humans to give them material goods of any sort? Could they not just teleport anything they want at any time? This point is perhaps more perplexing than anything else.

The W56 explained that they have a number of bases on Earth, that are mostly deep underground. Some of these bases are so large there exists enough of an atmosphere that it can rain! This is the case with one of their main bases, which exists beneath the Adriatic Sea. They explain how they create such bases and how they can just easily close them.

The W56 case is fascinating.

There is a video I saw that states Edward Snowden found evidence that the USA government is aware of "ultra terrestrials" -- those who live within the Earth. Those who are far more technologically advanced then mankind. Perhaps the W56 are the ones they speak of? See this video.

The W56 explained that they have been present on Earth for eons. "Akrij" is their real name. A plural noun in Sanscrit that means, "the sages". In other languages, it translates roughly to "people in high places", or "friends." They explained that they have enemies dubbed the CTR by the contactees, who represent pretty much the opposite of what the Akrij stand for. It's almost like the CTR act like a group of terminators!

The contactees offer tangible proof that the aliens left them with. Close up photos and videos of their flying discs... The great Voltaire wrote a handwritten letter dated 6/6/1761. "May your wonderful flying machines bring you back to me" is sheet insanity. There were no airplanes or even gliders at that time as far as anyone knows. This letter is in the appendix of Mass Contacts.

Most impressive is a picture of one of them. This too is in the appendix of the book, whichakrij alien w56 from mass contacts by stefano braccia makes the publication worth purchasing for this reason alone. How many books can boast a picture of real-life ET? Of course, somebody could just come forward and say something like, "that's my cousin Marco" or something to this affect. So far the picture has been published in 2007 and the photo has been on the internet for several years and nobody has such a story. If you can prove otherwise, definitely contact me and let me know. Somebody put a picture of an average-sized human to give you an idea of just how tall the ET is, estimated at close to 10 ft tall.

w56 akrij alien

One of the contactees has a real to real recording of one of the Akrij speaking in Italian. It's clear enough to understand what he says and it can be heard at the 26 min mark of the following video: