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Adam Milat-Meyer at MUFON Nevada
event poster by StillHipVintage.com

I am excited to announce that I will be appearing as a guest lecturer for MUFON Nevada in Las Vegas at 7PM Thursday, May 26th 2016. Location is McMullan's Irish Pub at 4650 W Tropicana Ave #110, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

Donna Carbone, Director of MUFON Nevada, went through a lot to make these events happen, so I just wanted to officially thank her for all of her hard work in making MUFON events remain free. I say free--but there may be a suggested donation--I'm going to check on that right now. For sure the venue wants everyone to order food and beverages and I certainly cannot encourage this enough.

Gabrielle Napolitano, my future wife, is an expert graphic designer and I want to thank her for making the above event poster. The UFO pictured isn't exactly what I asked for, but I think the whole thing looks interesting and it's upstart, attention-grabbing-look gets the job done in a big way... Thanks Gab!

The event will last about 1.5 hours and some of the topics I'll be covering are

  • Related Space Brother contact cases of the 1950's
    • Van Tassel, Menger, Adamski, etc.
  • Valiant Thor's 1957 landing in Alexandria, VA. Meeting with Eisenhower & Nixon
  • Dr Frank E Stranges: Valiant Thor’s main contact on Earth and author of Stranger at the Pentagon
  • Craig Campobasso’s short film, Stranger at the Pentagon with Jeff Joslin & Eileen Davidson
  • Val and crew visit to Howard Menger’s and August C. Robert’s photographs of Val and his crew

Remember, these are just a few of the topics I will be covering. Most of what I do will be a screen show and a Q&A. I've been refraining from posting on this site for the last few months because I was saving it for this event so please, DON'T MISS IT!!!