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Ancient Aliens The Mysterious NineAs you know, I'm huge fan of all that Craig Campobasso has done in making the film version of Dr. Frank E. Stranges classic, breakthrough novel, Stranger at the PentagonI spend a large chunk of my life explaining this story to anyone who will listen and I can tell you, nothing goes farther than TV and film. Can't tell you how many times I've spoken to people about this case and they only know what appears on the hit Show Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens episode name is "The Mysterious Nine."

craig campobasso on ancient aliens
Filmaker Craig Campobasso

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ancient Aliens, but the one piece of criticism I have is simply this: THEY ARE TOO ANCIENT. We want to know about what's going on now. There are plenty of modern day contact cases that go ignored by the show. Okay, it's beyond the scope of their program, I get it... but how about a mention of Valiant Thor. Somebody? -- Please?? Well now: It looks like my wish has been granted!

I sent a message via Twitter and Facebook to Ancient Alien's main accounts about a year ago asking that they put Craig on the show AND THEY LISTENED!!!

Well, maybe they were going to do it anyway, but for now... I'll take give myself some credit for the shout out. Of course I tweeted this news to @AlanAlda from the account @ValValiantThor 

This site has seen a massive spike in hits since the news broke. You can see there are lots of searches for Valiant Thor, Laura Eisenhower, etc. This must mean the show already aired and I'm in a different time zone or what have you. Anyway, below is a screen capture of the recent web traffic and don't forget to watch the show.

web traffic for valiant thor dot com 2016-07-09 at 11.05.25 AM