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Giant Rock the MovieIt's been over three months since I posted and lots has happened since then. I've been talking with Chad C Meek, a writer, director, and executive producer who has taken his own early childhood UFO abduction experiences, and time spent with his uncle, George Van Tassel, to tell an epic story about the early space contactee's movement that occurred at Giant Rock, in California's Mojave desert.

You can view a trailer for the movie at www.giantrockthemovie.com

Chad is doing everything he can to get his film produced, and if you would like to help with the production of it, you can reach him through the contact info on his website:

Chad C Meek
Chad C Meek

Please note that Giant Rock the Movie will be a major motion picture release so PLEASE: only serious inquiries are needed. Also, everyone knows about kickstarter, indiegogo, and gofundme.com -- this is beyond that and there you do not have to waste time drawing attention to the obvious. What is needed are serious investors who understand the movie production and distribution.

Soon there will be more news but for now, check out Chad's websites and follow him on social media. He does lots of speaking engagements and most recently did one for MUFON Nevada. If you have a TV, radio, or podcast show and would like Mr. Meek to be a guest, please fill out the form on this link.