Stranger at the Pentagon film update

Film Update

We talked here before about Craig Campobasso and how he is in the process of producing a short film version of Stranger at the Pentagon. In December of 2013, he sent out an update to everyone who funded and/or contributed to the project. I asked him if I could make a blog post out of it and he told me to go for it! Here it is:

stranger at the pentagon short film

Hi Everyone:
I have been busy working with our Visual Effects team preparing all the 68 shots to go into the Short Film. Attached please find a "screen shot" of one of our finished VFX scenes featuring actor Jeff Joslin as Valiant Thor. Its one of the last shots of the film. Wait till you see it in motion! We are now estimating to be finished with the Visual Effects in March. And hopefully have the film completed in late Spring.

Producer Tonia Madenford and I are also working on the title sequences with a Title House in Europe. Its turning out great! We already have our theme song composed. And its really awesome!

I am still trying to raise the remaining funds to finish the film and for the screening in Los Angeles. So please, if you are so inclined, post and email the link below. People can make make donations for cool out-of-print Stranger at the Pentagon and Dr. Frank Stranges stuff! The Executive & Associate Producer tiers will only be available for the next month or so when we have to lock titles.

I would like to personally thank everyone for all there love and support! I'll keep you posted when I can reveal more Visual Effects shots.

To all great things coming your way in 2014!

Craig Campobasso