Wow. It's been ages since I posted. Today I took the day off since it's my birthday. This is my present: blogging! Of course I have to give you something worthwhile and indeed, I have something worthwhile.

The following video features yet another killer interview with Craig Campobasso, who announced a full-length version of Stranger at the Pentagon is in the works. The host of this particular show, knew and visited Howard Menger on his farm in High Bridge, New Jersey. He speaks of others who corroborate Menger's sightings and contacts with aliens from the interior of Venus.

Brinkerhoff also mentions having met those who are in the "Ashtar Command" ... if you are unfamiliar with this, you should really look it up. Even if it was a hoax, whoever wrote the copy did a fantastic job. I've never heard of a contactee who personally met aliens in the Ashtar Command, so this was certainly an interesting interview.

Hearing about a new Valiant Thor contactee is not something you hear very often. For this reason alone, I think this show is fantastic!

Co-host Carla Anderson provided many entertaining remarks. Like when she was calling the United States' politcal leaders of the 1950's "scum bags." Craig was like, "I'm sorry."... "Can you repeat that?" and she said repeatedly. "Scum bags. Scum bags. Scum bags!" fricken hilarious [laughter].

Okay. Good times is here. Happy Birthday to me and hope you enjoy the video!

It's been ages since I put a post up on this site, so I'll just quickly rundown the latest news. It's rare that I talk about anything terrestrial on this blog, but I recently produced the soundtrack for a documentary called John McGill Banned, that screened May 16th 2015 at the Art of Brooklyn Film Fest. I have to give a few shoutouts.

Lots of work was put into the film, so special thanks to everyone who helped and saw the screening: John McGill and family, Michael Broz, Gabrielle Napolitano, Stoned Soul's Rishi Puntes, Eric Nevarez,  Ali McMordie -- you guys are AWESOME!

Don't miss Campobasso on the Un-X Tour next month!

UnX Tour bannerOn June 12th 2015, Craig Campobasso, a Hollywood film producer and creator of the short film “Stranger at the Pentagon,” winner of the best Sci-Fi sort film at the Burbank International Film Festival in 2014, will present a lecture and show the film which covers the Pentagon visit in 1957-1960 by Valiant Thor. Craig will discuss the amazing story of Thor’s contact with Dr. Frank Stranges, President Eisenhower, and top Pentagon officials.

All of the events are held at Unity Temple on the Plaza, 707 W 47th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, and start at 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets may be purchased in advance at for $25 each or for $30 at the door. Call 816-833-1602 Mon-Fri CST for more information.

Media are welcome but must register in advance.

Margie Kay

Adam Milat-Meyer

Lots covered in this Craig Campobasso interview about Stranger at the Pentagon, Dr Frank, Valiant Thor, plus much more... You won't be disappointed!!! Click on the link below and you will be redirected to the site where you can hear the program:

Craig Campobasso on Conscious Evolution Radio with Anne Grelsheimer
You can click on the image above to be redirected to the site where the interview is conducted. 


Adam Milat-Meyer

Winner of the Burbank Film Festival Best Sci-Fi Short 2014

Director Craig Campobasso is a champion! Watch Stranger at the Pentagon or purchase merchandise that helps support the production of the movie by clicking here:

After viewing the film, it would be nice to leave a comment below on Vimeo. It would also be nice to share about it on social media and offline as well. The purpose in producing a short was to attract an audience so Stranger at the Pentagon (originally a book by the late Dr. Frank E. Stranges), could be made into a full-length feature film. Kickstarter campaigns, calling-in favors, and good old-fashioned hard work got it this far. Please help by watching the movie and spreading the word. Of course contributing would be even better!

Stranger at the Pentagon Burbank Film Festival Winner for best short sci-fi film 2014

Filmmaker Craig Campobasso

In 1980, California native Craig Campobasso found himself working behind the scenes for four years on Frank Herbert’s Dune. The father and daughter producing team, Dino and  Raffaella De Laurentiis, and director David Lynch, were Craig’s mentors into the business of filmmaking. Raffaella later hired him on the popular Christmas movie Prancer, starring Sam Elliott, as a casting director after he apprenticed as a casting associate on Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories. Craig has been casting for more than two decades and was nominated for an Emmy for casting David E. Kelly’s Picket Fences. Some of his other casting projects include Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha starring James Franco, Horatio Sanz, and Luiz Guzman. Tremors 3 for Universal, & Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow starring Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow & Angelina Jolie for Paramount, as well as working behind the scenes on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall & Conan The Destroyer. He is also an acting coach in the Los Angeles area.


Recite these prayers daily:

The outside ring of the ring of fire.

Eternal Father, creator of the universe,
hear this day my petition.
Surround me now with your divine "Ring of Fire,"
the fire of your protection,
the fire of your abundance,
the fire of complete healing,
the fire of divine abundance.
I command the hand of almighty God on my behalf.
Let it be so, this very moment,
in the blessed name of
our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. Amen.
So be it!'


The inside ring of the ring of fire.

Eternal Father, creator of the universe,
hear this hour, my earnest prayer.
Anoint my lips, my ears, and my mind and heart,
with your divine flame of fire.
Provide me now with
perfect health, abundance and longevity
Revitalize and redirect my energies into divine service.
Touch me with your divine inner flame of fire and
cause me to be the master that you intended me to be.
In the blessed name of the master and creator of the universe,
the Lord Jesus Christ, so be it!

Note: The text was originally copied from the following site: however, I altered it to match Dr Frank E Stranges words in the video provided.

Special thanks to Nick Bensond for posting the Ring of Fire Ceremony with Dr Frank E Stranges video on YouTube.


mass contacts by stefano braccia
Mass Contacts by Stefano Braccia

Named "W56" because the contact case began in 1956 in Pescara, Italy, the "Amicizia" or "Friendship" mass contact case was widespread. Dozens, if not hundreds of people in Italy and elsewhere were contacted by human-looking extraterrestrials. It is important to recognize that the contactees were not mentally unstable by any stretch of the imagination. They were prominent members of Italian society: writers, politicians, businessmen, artists, professors, etc.

Love and respect is how humans should live. That was the essence of their message. During frequent long walks along the beach in Pescara, they gave the contactees incredible information. They didn't give it for free however, they asked for goods in return. Industrial quantities of items such as

  • metals
  • fruit
  • minerals
  • barium nitrate

The latter is most peculiar. During the 1950's, barium nitrate was not yet used by humans for anything so it was difficult to come by. Decades later, it would have widespread military demand, but at the time, it was puzzling why the aliens would need this.

The aliens would teleport the goods. They would disappear in an instant which was perplexing to the contactees. It would seem that if the aliens had the technology to teleport, why would they need humans to give them material goods of any sort? Could they not just teleport anything they want at any time? This point is perhaps more perplexing than anything else.

The W56 explained that they have a number of bases on Earth, that are mostly deep underground. Some of these bases are so large there exists enough of an atmosphere that it can rain! This is the case with one of their main bases, which exists beneath the Adriatic Sea. They explain how they create such bases and how they can just easily close them.

The W56 case is fascinating.

There is a video I saw that states Edward Snowden found evidence that the USA government is aware of "ultra terrestrials" -- those who live within the Earth. Those who are far more technologically advanced then mankind. Perhaps the W56 are the ones they speak of? See this video.

The W56 explained that they have been present on Earth for eons. "Akrij" is their real name. A plural noun in Sanscrit that means, "the sages". In other languages, it translates roughly to "people in high places", or "friends." They explained that they have enemies dubbed the CTR by the contactees, who represent pretty much the opposite of what the Akrij stand for. It's almost like the CTR act like a group of terminators!

The contactees offer tangible proof that the aliens left them with. Close up photos and videos of their flying discs... The great Voltaire wrote a handwritten letter dated 6/6/1761. "May your wonderful flying machines bring you back to me" is sheet insanity. There were no airplanes or even gliders at that time as far as anyone knows. This letter is in the appendix of Mass Contacts.

Most impressive is a picture of one of them. This too is in the appendix of the book, whichakrij alien w56 from mass contacts by stefano braccia makes the publication worth purchasing for this reason alone. How many books can boast a picture of real-life ET? Of course, somebody could just come forward and say something like, "that's my cousin Marco" or something to this affect. So far the picture has been published in 2007 and the photo has been on the internet for several years and nobody has such a story. If you can prove otherwise, definitely contact me and let me know. Somebody put a picture of an average-sized human to give you an idea of just how tall the ET is, estimated at close to 10 ft tall.

w56 akrij alien

One of the contactees has a real to real recording of one of the Akrij speaking in Italian. It's clear enough to understand what he says and it can be heard at the 26 min mark of the following video:

Film Update

We talked here before about Craig Campobasso and how he is in the process of producing a short film version of Stranger at the Pentagon. In December of 2013, he sent out an update to everyone who funded and/or contributed to the project. I asked him if I could make a blog post out of it and he told me to go for it! Here it is:

stranger at the pentagon short film

Hi Everyone:
I have been busy working with our Visual Effects team preparing all the 68 shots to go into the Short Film. Attached please find a "screen shot" of one of our finished VFX scenes featuring actor Jeff Joslin as Valiant Thor. Its one of the last shots of the film. Wait till you see it in motion! We are now estimating to be finished with the Visual Effects in March. And hopefully have the film completed in late Spring.

Producer Tonia Madenford and I are also working on the title sequences with a Title House in Europe. Its turning out great! We already have our theme song composed. And its really awesome!

I am still trying to raise the remaining funds to finish the film and for the screening in Los Angeles. So please, if you are so inclined, post and email the link below. People can make make donations for cool out-of-print Stranger at the Pentagon and Dr. Frank Stranges stuff! The Executive & Associate Producer tiers will only be available for the next month or so when we have to lock titles.

I would like to personally thank everyone for all there love and support! I'll keep you posted when I can reveal more Visual Effects shots.

To all great things coming your way in 2014!

Craig Campobasso

Venusians wanted this built!:

valiant thor fan club | Integraton,  Venzha Christ

So I set up a few dozen google alerts to see what's being searched for out there that relates to our fan club. This article appeared in "The Guardian": 

"Need some sonic healing? This white-domed structure was allegedly built under instruction from aliens from Venus and its acoustics have attracted musicians, including the Arctic Monkeys" This article's snippet definitely inspired me to read more and I instantly thought to myself, "you know? I think I could definitely use some sonic healing!" Or at least audio healing. Great. Now I have to explain why I say "audio."

When I used to be active as a musician, I remember when I recorded bass for a band called "Stoned Soul," we had a song produced by Jerry Wonda of Fugees fame, who was always talking about "the sonic", which was basically his trademark punchline. He would say something like "listen to this... this record is the sonic!"

I told him that I want to use his statement on the streets, although I didn't know exactly how and that I would tell him when I figured it out. I never did get to tell him...

I say "the audio"!!!

Instead of saying "music" I say "audio." If I make the mistake of saying I used to be a musician, someone might ask me "what type of music did your band play?" I would say, "oh, I never played music. Only audio." That would usually get a reaction that would distract them to the point that they'd forget what we originally talking about. This is a good way to change the subject, since I then would not have to describe what Ghetto Country Rock is.

None of this has anything to do with the Integratron, so I'm sorry I got off track. I wrote so much that I don't want to delete it, so it's going to have to stay. My high school rock band gets a shout. Usually I stick to the subject, but every once in a while, you have to have a little fun. Stoned Soul was a great band and I enjoyed being a part of the group for so many years. BTW, If you want to hear Jerry Wonda talking about "the sonic", check out this NPR interview.

I remember reading about George Van Tassel years ago when I foolishly believed that the only type of "real aliens" are the Greys. When I heard there were aliens from Venus I thought that there's no way it could be possible since Venus is too hot. Then when I saw Van Tassel in an interview, I realized that I believe every word he says. Which leads to this promise: next blog post will be dedicated to George Van Tassel.  

The Integratron is at 2477 Belfield Boulevard, Landers, California, a 2.5-hour drive east from Los Angeles. Sound baths are held on a bi-monthly basis for $20pp and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Private baths start at $80pp, with reductions for groups.

craig campobasso | stranger at the pentagon fundraising campaignI am proud to say that I've corresponded with Craig Campobasso a few times via email. He was friends with Dr Frank and Craig is currently the top expert on Valiant Thor and it's so incredibly awesome that he is in the process of bringing Dr Stranges' classic book to the big screen.

Craig is no stranger to filmmaking. He has tons of Hollywood credits going back to the 80s, having worked on blockbusters like, Dune, Total Recall, Silence of the Hams, and many more. Check him out on Specializing in casting, I've heard him say in an interview that the best part of his job is telling someone they got the part. Worst part of the job? "telling someone they didn't get the part."

The site Campobasso dedicated to the movie is highly informative and entertaining. Check it out:

The Valiant Thor Fan Club is dedicated to researching at promoting everything having to do with Valiant Thor and at this point, the best thing you can do for our cause is to help Craig raise money to complete his film which is now in the post-production phase. Click on that that there link and help-out today! Check out one of his videos below:

Remembering Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Written five years ago by one of Dr Frank E Stranges' sisters in-law:

frank stranges

A Memorial Service was held in California for my brother-in-law Dr. Frank E. Stranges who went home to glory on Nov. 17, 2008.
Dr. Frank E. Stranges was born in Brooklyn, NY to Natale & Catherine Stran­ges who had emigrated from Italy to the United States. Natale was a WW1 Veteran awarded a Purple Heart for his injuries. Under the watchful eye of his father, Frank was called to the Ministry at the age of 13. He has been learning, teaching and preaching ever since.
In 1959, he and his father founded the International Evangelism Crusades, a World Wide Christian Denomination with Ministers, Churches and Schools in more than twenty countries. Dr. Frank has spoken in Churches and Temples of many denominations, and received much joy from the wide variety of people throughout the World whom he was able to reach with his Spiritual teachings. This number only increased with the founding of the International Theological Seminary of California and his many travels to foreign countries as well as throughout the United States. He was very patriotic and dedicated to serving those who serve us, including veterans as well as several policing agencies, through his work as a Spiritual Counselor.
Dr. Stranges was the author of numerous books such as "Millennium Seven," "Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Volume 1, 2 & 3." He held degrees in Theology, Psychology and Criminology. Dr. Stranges was the Assistant Deputy Director of the California State Marshall Association.
In 1985, he married Julie Corcoran and they remained together until the day of his unexpected passing.
He leaves behind his sister Esther and her husband Paul, his brother Daniel and wife Rita, my husband David and numerous nieces and nephews, stepson and a host of pastors and students of the International Theological Seminary in the tri-state area.
From my husband and I, he will be greatly missed. Frankie had a wealth of wisdom and common sense mixed with his good nature and love.
May the memories he left comfort all during the days ahead and may his ministry continue far into the future. Thanks be to God for giving him to us for a season. Our lives are blessed and richer because of knowing him. Your work will continue, in your memory. We will never forget you and the fondest love you gave to us.

By Edith M. Stranges

Original article appears at the