Groundbreaking Valiant Thor info!!!


Roger Lavarier in High Bridge New Jersey 2017
Filmmaker Roger Larivière at a Veteran's War Memorial, High Bridge, NJ. August, 2017.

So it's been quite a bit of time since I last posted and quite a bit has happened. I visited High Bridge, New Jersey with Roger Larivière, who is working hard to film what will be a brand new documentary loosely titled Space Brother Contacts Revisited.

Another groundbreaking event just happened a few days ago when I was contacted by a woman named Margaret Archibald. We spoke for a couple of hours and was fascinated by her connection to the supernatural.

Margaret recounted a number of UFO sightings she experienced and emailed me pictures and videos.

The one I'm including here is that of an "orb-looking" UFOs that have a similar appearance to the Moon. See on the right side of the photo circled in red:

Margaret Archibald's picture of orb-like UFOs

Margaret told me she told me about a friend she wants to introduce me to who's adopted mother was at High Bridge when Valiant Thor and his crew made contact at Howard Menger's farm in 1958.

The man's name is Eddie Page. I spoke to him on the phone for quite a while and was blown away by the info he gave me regarding his knowledge of Valiant Thor. I will be posting more information in the near-future.

The reason for the delay is simply that it is LOTS of info to by synthesized. Moreover, it overturns a significant amount of what Dr. Frank E. Stranges reported... stay tuned!!!