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Roger Lavarier in High Bridge New Jersey 2017
Filmmaker Roger Larivière at a Veteran's War Memorial, High Bridge, NJ. August, 2017.

So it's been quite a bit of time since I last posted and quite a bit has happened. I visited High Bridge, New Jersey with Roger Larivière, who is working hard to film what will be a brand new documentary loosely titled Space Brother Contacts Revisited.

Another groundbreaking event just happened a few days ago when I was contacted by a woman named Margaret Archibald. We spoke for a couple of hours and was fascinated by her connection to the supernatural.

Margaret recounted a number of UFO sightings she experienced and emailed me pictures and videos.

The one I'm including here is that of an "orb-looking" UFOs that have a similar appearance to the Moon. See on the right side of the photo circled in red:

Margaret Archibald's picture of orb-like UFOs

Margaret told me she told me about a friend she wants to introduce me to who's adopted mother was at High Bridge when Valiant Thor and his crew made contact at Howard Menger's farm in 1958.

The man's name is Eddie Page. I spoke to him on the phone for quite a while and was blown away by the info he gave me regarding his knowledge of Valiant Thor. I will be posting more information in the near-future.

The reason for the delay is simply that it is LOTS of info to by synthesized. Moreover, it overturns a significant amount of what Dr. Frank E. Stranges reported... stay tuned!!!

Ancient Aliens The Mysterious NineAs you know, I'm huge fan of all that Craig Campobasso has done in making the film version of Dr. Frank E. Stranges classic, breakthrough novel, Stranger at the PentagonI spend a large chunk of my life explaining this story to anyone who will listen and I can tell you, nothing goes farther than TV and film. Can't tell you how many times I've spoken to people about this case and they only know what appears on the hit Show Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens episode name is "The Mysterious Nine."

craig campobasso on ancient aliens
Filmaker Craig Campobasso

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ancient Aliens, but the one piece of criticism I have is simply this: THEY ARE TOO ANCIENT. We want to know about what's going on now. There are plenty of modern day contact cases that go ignored by the show. Okay, it's beyond the scope of their program, I get it... but how about a mention of Valiant Thor. Somebody? -- Please?? Well now: It looks like my wish has been granted!

I sent a message via Twitter and Facebook to Ancient Alien's main accounts about a year ago asking that they put Craig on the show AND THEY LISTENED!!!

Well, maybe they were going to do it anyway, but for now... I'll take give myself some credit for the shout out. Of course I tweeted this news to @AlanAlda from the account @ValValiantThor 

This site has seen a massive spike in hits since the news broke. You can see there are lots of searches for Valiant Thor, Laura Eisenhower, etc. This must mean the show already aired and I'm in a different time zone or what have you. Anyway, below is a screen capture of the recent web traffic and don't forget to watch the show.

web traffic for valiant thor dot com 2016-07-09 at 11.05.25 AM



As many of you know, I was invited to give a lecture on May 26, 2016 on Valiant Thor for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), in Las Vegas, Nevada. It couldn't have gone better: A full house was on hand for the slide show and Q&A and everyone paid attention and asked LOTS of questions!

Adam Milat-Meyer discussing Valiant Thor at MUFON Nevada 2016
Adam Milat-Meyer discussing the famous pictures of Valiant Thor and his crew from Victor 1 shot by August C. Robert at Howard Menger's farm in 1958.

The event lasted about two hours so it's too much to recap here. MUFON member Chris Zuchari filmed most of it and I will soon be releasing this footage on YouTube. It was surprising to see the audience so engaged! I'm hoping that when this video goes live, there will be an equal amount of interest with the public.


In giving this lecture, the most rewarding thing was being able to inform everyone about the National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (NICUFO). The 501(c)(3) nonprofit is the best source of information you can find on Valiant Thor and his mission. By subscribing to the Inter Space Link Newsletter, started by Dr. Frank E. Stranges in 1980, you will find out unbelievable, untold information, on anything and everything. I've been a subscriber for years and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!!!

If you are interested in signing up for the newsletter, click on the following link:

Nick Bensond with Dr. Frank E. Stranges
Nick Bensond with Dr. Frank E. Stranges and Denise Stranges in Kitchener, Ontario. ca. 1980.

Topics covered at the lecture
The Space Brother Contactees of the 1950's: Howard Menger, Daniel Fry, George Adamski, George Van Tassel, and of course I dedicated the most time to the late, great, Dr. Frank E. Stranges.

I discussed the Alan Alda contact case and must thank UFO investigator and longtime friend of Dr. Frank, Nick Bensond, for allowing me to use the video he filmed from an early Inner Circle meeting where Dr. Frank Stranges when he discussed his encounter with Alan Alda while he was with Vice Commander Donn Thor on an airplane headed to Las Vegas, Nevada.

When dealing with August C. Robert, it's more than difficult to find photos and information on the former Air Force photographer. I was delighted to have a clip of him being interviewed in a 1950's documentary on UFOs. Special thanks Roger Larivière for providing the footage.

Adam Milat-Meyer guest lecturing at MUFON Nevada 2016
Adam Milat-Meyer guest lecturing at MUFON Nevada.

I want to thank Donna Carbone and Chris Zuchari for all of their hard work organizing and producing such a successful event. I also want to thank Shahrokh Mohammadzadeh for driving me around town and talking about MUFON and related endeavors... and Jerry Spinner for having me stay over for a few days.

Hanging out, showing me not just where to play but HOW to play cards... was both informative and entertaining and I'm excited to report that I returned to Brooklyn, New York, with a $25 plus in poker winnings. It may not seem like a big deal, but I was prepared to lose $400! It could be that I'm a stronger player than I thought, but there's no denying Jerry, AKA, "Brooklyn Jerry" taught me a whole lot--and I'm grateful to be able to learn from someone with his level of professional skill and expertise.

MUFON LOGODon't forget to check back here soon. I'm editing video for the event that I hope you all will RT, Like, and share all over the interweb. God Bless and thanks to everyone for all your hard work. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of this event.

merry christmasMerry Christmas!

Last post I did here was early last month and I'm sorry for the delay. I posted the interview I did on the daily podcast, Spaced Out Radio. The host Dave Scott was great and so was Roger Larivière and thanks again you guys for all that you do. As for me... I have to be honest... I AM NOT HAPPY.

There was much I meant to talk about but forgot to mention. It also took too long for me to get my point across for most of the questions and I was saying "uhh" and "umm" before and after every statement. What can I say? I'm not big into public speaking or doing interviews, but I thought it would help the cause, so I agreed to it and it's done.

The best I could do to salvage any humility is to break up the interview into sections that would eventually become YouTube videos. The first one to be released will definitely be what I call the Alan Alda Contact Case. A big part of the piece will be transcribing two minutes out of the following video that was filmed and uploaded by Dr Frank's longtime friend, Nick Bensond:

I did a rough transcription of Dr Frank's story... here's what I have so far:

Vice Commander Donn was flying with me on the airline and across from us the actor, Alan Alda came in, and he sat down. And you folks know Alan Alda, from M.A.S.H.? Alan Alda… the actor. And we got to talking and he said, “where you guys going?” I said, “Las Vegas” [he said,] “Oh, that’s great, hope youse have a good time.” Then we started talking about UFOs and he was very interested and I happen to [interrupt] and said: THIS MAN IS FROM VENUS! “Ohh.” he said, “That’s interesting; and how long did it take you to fly from Venus to the Earth?” and he told him. And he got so interested in talking about Victor 1 that Alan Alda was asking about some of the specs of Victor 1, which Vice Commander Donn, answered. And then he said to me, “and where are you from?” I said, Brooklyn, NY. And he said, “well you two look like you make quite a combination, the both of you, you know?” After we got off he stopped us at the common door leading up to the airport and he came up to us and said, “you know?” he said, “I really believe you two.” He said, “I really believe you two and the world should know about it.” and Vice Commander Donn said, “Well they will know. Very soon, as soon as the motion picture Stranger at the Pentagon comes out. The whole world will know about it.”

Beneath the video posted on YouTube, I posted this comment: "2:35 min mark Dr Frank describes how he and Donn Thor (Valiant Thor's brother) spoke at length with Alan Alda on an airplane flight. Mr Alda should talk to the public about this!"

I already tried to contact Alan Alda on social media, but to no avail. I'll try to reach him again after some time has passed. He's still working as an actor and he also does lots of nonprofit work, the Alda Alda Center for Communicating Science is particularly AWESOME. Being that he has a busy schedule, I'll wait a few months before trying to get in touch with him again.

It's very possible the Alan Alda was not there and Dr Frank and Vice Commander Donn were talking to someone who looks like award winning actor.

The video I want to make will take a couple of weeks to produce because well, it takes me a long time to do everything. If anyone wants to do it for me, be my guest, but make sure you ask Nick Bensond's permission first. He's easy to find online and if you are serious about this but you are having trouble, let me know by contacting me through this form.

So thank you for your time and interest in the Dr. Frank with Donn Thor and Alan Alda Contact Case. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Thanks Dave Scott and everyone at Spaced Out Radio for having me on the show. Their nightly podcasts are always informative and entertaining. Follow, favorite, and ReTweet them on twitter: @SpacedOutRadio and like them on Facebook.

Here it is in case you missed the Adam Milat-Meyer interview:

Adam Milat-Meyer on Spaced Out Radio discussing the Valiant Thor story
Click the above image to hear the full Spaced Out Radio interview with Adam Milat-Meyer

Special thanks to Roger Larivière for being on the show and stay tuned for his own interview on Spaced Out Radio. Larivière has done excellent work translating info about the Valiant Thor story from English to French. He also organizes annual conventions in Quebec.

National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects NICUFO A number of people who help the cause were mentioned. Dr Frank Stranges widow, Julie Ann Stranges, still runs the National Investigative Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects (NICUFO). I highly recommend you subscribe to their monthly newsletter.

I cannot overstate the importance of the video work of Nick Bensond. His YouTube channel has the most important videos on Dr Frank Stranges' lectures.

Craig Campobasso is mentioned throughout this site and on Spaced Out Radio as well. His short movie of Stranger at the Pentagon can be purchased here with a small donation.

Valiant Thor will be the main subject of my interview on Space Out Radio on October 27th, 2015. A few days back I contacted Spaced Out Radio host, Dave Scott, to make sure the info on the flyer is correct and he approved!

Valiant Thor Fan Club flyer for Adam Milat-Meyer interview on Spaced Out Radio 10-27-15
Adam Milat-Meyer, founder of the Valiant Thor Fan Club will be on Spaced Out Radio Oct 27th 2015.

Keep in mind that Valiant Thor Fan Club on Spaced Out Radio airs from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Program runs two hours starting at 10PM Pacific Time, which means it will air in New York City at 1:00AM on 10/28/15.

Please share this post via email and social media:

Twitter: @ValValiantThor
FB: facebook.com/valiant.thor.fan.club

During the show there will be a phone number displayed here for you to call in. There also will be a live chatroom during the broadcast... We encourage you to participate!

Thank you so much and hope to here from you soon!
Adam Milat-Meyer
President, Valiant Thor Fan Club


So news is I'm going to be a guest on Spaced Out Radio on October 27th 2015. Based in Vancouver, they live stream every night from www.blogtalkradio.com/spacedoutradio

Valiant Thor Fan Club flyer for Adam Milat-Meyer interview on Spaced Out Radio 10-27-15Dr Frank E Stranges founded NICUFO and also had a group of select followers called the "Inner Circle." Their meetings continued right up until shortly before Dr Frank's passing in 2008.

Recently, Inner Circle member Nick Bensond, posted a number of videotaped meetings on YouTube that are for sure worth watching.

In one of those videos, Dr Frank told a story of how he was taking a domestic commercial flight with Vice Commander Donn Thor, Val's brother, who is pictured in the iconic photographs taken by Augie Roberts at Howard Menger's home in High Bridge, New Jersey.

It turns out Alan Alda of M.A.S.H. fame is on the same flight as Dr Frank and Donn Thor. Dr Frank and Alan Alda, winner of six Emmy Awards, start talking and the conversation turns to UFOs; what happened next is quite remarkable,

Dr Frank E. Stranges points to Vice Commander Donn Thor and says, "this man is from Venus!" 

Alan AldaThe tongue-in-cheek delivery in how Dr Frank told the story was both hilarious and informative at the same time. He probably didn't think much of it at the time, but what transpired is of high importance since it gives us an opportunity to contact Alda in hopes that he can corroborate the story and perhaps shed new insight on what it was like to talk to a high-ranking extraterrestrial from the interior of the planet Venus.

I searched around the web for info on this and was surprised at how little information there is available. Luckily, I found a message board that still had postings archived from 2009. Someone who claims to have known Dr Frank as well as Howard Menger and his wife (he says they were genuine people), posted the following:

Alan Alda who Dr Frank met on a plane ride with Donn Thor heard the tale and after talking to Donn on the trip ran up to them as they exited and said "You know I have heard stuff like this before but you 2 guys i really do believe what you say!" 

Source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread200731/pg3

I'm going to tweet to Alan Alda (follow him at @alanalda) in hopes of a response... wish me luck! I'll post more on this soon. Anyone with info on this subject should contact me at ValiantThorFanClub@gmail.com

Wow. It's been ages since I posted. Today I took the day off since it's my birthday. This is my present: blogging! Of course I have to give you something worthwhile and indeed, I have something worthwhile.

The following video features yet another killer interview with Craig Campobasso, who announced a full-length version of Stranger at the Pentagon is in the works. The host of this particular show, knew and visited Howard Menger on his farm in High Bridge, New Jersey. He speaks of others who corroborate Menger's sightings and contacts with aliens from the interior of Venus.

Brinkerhoff also mentions having met those who are in the "Ashtar Command" ... if you are unfamiliar with this, you should really look it up. Even if it was a hoax, whoever wrote the copy did a fantastic job. I've never heard of a contactee who personally met aliens in the Ashtar Command, so this was certainly an interesting interview.

Hearing about a new Valiant Thor contactee is not something you hear very often. For this reason alone, I think this show is fantastic!

Co-host Carla Anderson provided many entertaining remarks. Like when she was calling the United States' politcal leaders of the 1950's "scum bags." Craig was like, "I'm sorry."... "Can you repeat that?" and she said repeatedly. "Scum bags. Scum bags. Scum bags!" fricken hilarious [laughter].

Okay. Good times is here. Happy Birthday to me and hope you enjoy the video!

Adam Milat-Meyer

Lots covered in this Craig Campobasso interview about Stranger at the Pentagon, Dr Frank, Valiant Thor, plus much more... You won't be disappointed!!! Click on the link below and you will be redirected to the site where you can hear the program:


Craig Campobasso on Conscious Evolution Radio with Anne Grelsheimer
You can click on the image above to be redirected to the site where the interview is conducted.