Craig Campobasso, filmmaker for “Stranger at the Pentagon”

craig campobasso | stranger at the pentagon fundraising campaignI am proud to say that I've corresponded with Craig Campobasso a few times via email. He was friends with Dr Frank and Craig is currently the top expert on Valiant Thor and it's so incredibly awesome that he is in the process of bringing Dr Stranges' classic book to the big screen.

Craig is no stranger to filmmaking. He has tons of Hollywood credits going back to the 80s, having worked on blockbusters like, Dune, Total Recall, Silence of the Hams, and many more. Check him out on Specializing in casting, I've heard him say in an interview that the best part of his job is telling someone they got the part. Worst part of the job? "telling someone they didn't get the part."

The site Campobasso dedicated to the movie is highly informative and entertaining. Check it out:

The Valiant Thor Fan Club is dedicated to researching at promoting everything having to do with Valiant Thor and at this point, the best thing you can do for our cause is to help Craig raise money to complete his film which is now in the post-production phase. Click on that that there link and help-out today! Check out one of his videos below:

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