Alan Alda Contact Case

merry christmasMerry Christmas!

Last post I did here was early last month and I'm sorry for the delay. I posted the interview I did on the daily podcast, Spaced Out Radio. The host Dave Scott was great and so was Roger Larivière and thanks again you guys for all that you do. As for me... I have to be honest... I AM NOT HAPPY.

There was much I meant to talk about but forgot to mention. It also took too long for me to get my point across for most of the questions and I was saying "uhh" and "umm" before and after every statement. What can I say? I'm not big into public speaking or doing interviews, but I thought it would help the cause, so I agreed to it and it's done.

The best I could do to salvage any humility is to break up the interview into sections that would eventually become YouTube videos. The first one to be released will definitely be what I call the Alan Alda Contact Case. A big part of the piece will be transcribing two minutes out of the following video that was filmed and uploaded by Dr Frank's longtime friend, Nick Bensond:

I did a rough transcription of Dr Frank's story... here's what I have so far:

Vice Commander Donn was flying with me on the airline and across from us the actor, Alan Alda came in, and he sat down. And you folks know Alan Alda, from M.A.S.H.? Alan Alda… the actor. And we got to talking and he said, “where you guys going?” I said, “Las Vegas” [he said,] “Oh, that’s great, hope youse have a good time.” Then we started talking about UFOs and he was very interested and I happen to [interrupt] and said: THIS MAN IS FROM VENUS! “Ohh.” he said, “That’s interesting; and how long did it take you to fly from Venus to the Earth?” and he told him. And he got so interested in talking about Victor 1 that Alan Alda was asking about some of the specs of Victor 1, which Vice Commander Donn, answered. And then he said to me, “and where are you from?” I said, Brooklyn, NY. And he said, “well you two look like you make quite a combination, the both of you, you know?” After we got off he stopped us at the common door leading up to the airport and he came up to us and said, “you know?” he said, “I really believe you two.” He said, “I really believe you two and the world should know about it.” and Vice Commander Donn said, “Well they will know. Very soon, as soon as the motion picture Stranger at the Pentagon comes out. The whole world will know about it.”

Beneath the video posted on YouTube, I posted this comment: "2:35 min mark Dr Frank describes how he and Donn Thor (Valiant Thor's brother) spoke at length with Alan Alda on an airplane flight. Mr Alda should talk to the public about this!"

I already tried to contact Alan Alda on social media, but to no avail. I'll try to reach him again after some time has passed. He's still working as an actor and he also does lots of nonprofit work, the Alda Alda Center for Communicating Science is particularly AWESOME. Being that he has a busy schedule, I'll wait a few months before trying to get in touch with him again.

It's very possible the Alan Alda was not there and Dr Frank and Vice Commander Donn were talking to someone who looks like award winning actor.

The video I want to make will take a couple of weeks to produce because well, it takes me a long time to do everything. If anyone wants to do it for me, be my guest, but make sure you ask Nick Bensond's permission first. He's easy to find online and if you are serious about this but you are having trouble, let me know by contacting me through this form.

So thank you for your time and interest in the Dr. Frank with Donn Thor and Alan Alda Contact Case. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!