About the Valiant Thor Fan Club

My name is Adam Milat-Meyer. I'm an independent researcher who founded this blog in October of 2013. I've been interested in human contact with aliens since I was a child growing up in Brooklyn during the 1970s and 80s.

The picture you see below is of three extra terrestrials from the interior of the planet Venus. The photograph was taken at Howard Menger's residence at High Bridge, New Jersey. It first appeared publicly in the book, Stranger at the Pentagon, by Dr Frank E. Stranges.

jill, donn thor and val thor high bridge nj color photo
Left to right: Jill, Donn Thor and Valiant Thor at Harold Menger's house in High Bridge NJ

There was a period of almost a year where this site was known as Valiant Thor News. I've discontinued that name and I'm currently trying to switch everything over to be Valiant Thor Fan Club. My facebook page won't allow me to switch VTN since we got over 200 likes. The reason why I don't like using Valiant Thor News anymore is because it's not really accurate.

In case you're wondering, Valiant Thor is alive and well and you can find out about him and his crew by subscribing to the newsletter run by Julie Ann Stranges (Chair of NICUFO.org). If you are interested in subscribing, fill out the application here. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

I do not make any money off this site... as a matter of fact, I lose money on it. By trade I'm an audio promoter and events coordinator. I got my start in High School, playing for a band called Stoned Soul. Click on that link for more about us. We started playing live again!

Adam Milat-Meyer and family
Adam Milat-Meyer and family in Brooklyn, NYC during the summer of 2012